John Altman wears Palestine badge on ITV, Zionists infuriated

John Altman

John Altman sporting a Palestine flag on his jacket on ITV

Former EastEnders star John Altman apparently has no qualms over expressing his support for Palestinian rights. Dauntlessly, he appeared on the ITV show ‘Loose Women’, sporting a badge of a Palestinian flag on his jacket. Clearly, this went down badly with some Zionist sympathizers among the audience of that show.

As was to be expected, they voiced their outrage on social media, according to the Daily Express. Somewhat tendentiously, this online publication labeled it a ‘controversy’ in the title. Additionally, they highlighted some of the angry tweets, and posted an online poll. Talk about backfiring? Seriously, was this meant to increase the so-called ‘controversy’ over the issue? Well, it actually proved to result in quite the opposite, considering the results of that poll.

John Altman receives avalanche of support

john altman

Results of the poll heavily in favor of John Altman

Notably, at the time of the captured image of the poll results, 7.4K voters had already expressed their opinion, with a smashing 85% defending John Altman’s right to wear the badge. You can add your voice to the vote here.

John Altman certainly deserves praise for his courage to wear a Palestine badge on TV. Of course, it’s truly valiant to do this in the UK today, especially against the backdrop of massive witch-hunts against British politicians who have come out in support of the Palestinians. As usual, the Zionist lobby in the British Isles does its very best to glue the smear of ‘anti-semitism’ upon anyone who as much as shows understanding for the dire situation of our people.

The Musical Intifada gives John Altman a virtual medal for this. It shows him as being a human of true moral courage. Many celebrities could take an example from this brave stance. Are you listening, Santana?


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