Six reviews heap praise on new Doc Jazz release It Takes Love


Doc Jazz on WordPressReviews from several websites of independent music have lauded Doc Jazz’s new release of the soul-ballad ‘It Takes Love’.  In this article, you will find links to all these reviews, and short summaries of their commentaries.

Doc Jazz first released ‘It Takes Love’ in May 2015, but he has recorded a new version, joined by American vocalist Toy Matthews. She is a highly renowned and published singer who performed with world-famous phenomena like Erykah Badu, Frankie Beverly, Kindred and the Family Soul, Arrested Development and Rachelle Ferrel, to name only a few.

Doc Jazz released the new version, with mastering by sound engineer Kevin Kearney of XOKK studios in Mexico, only in a Youtube video. He used the same clip as in the previous release, although it does contain a few minor adjustments.

Originally, ‘It Takes Love’ was supposed to appear on a new album release. Although this still may come about, the album which was due in the summer of 2016, has for now been indefinitely delayed.

So, what do the Indie music reviews say about the new version of ‘It Takes Love’? You can read it in these paragraphs below, and read the reviews in their entirety by clicking on the links. Below the reviews, you can watch and listen to the song.


“Doc’s silken voice is like molten sweet cocoa dripping down into the ear canal” Jamsphere

“… has you holding your breath to hear the words ”

“Few artists have released albums and singles as consistently good as Doc Jazz.”

” … an inspired vocal performance. Probably the best vocal performance I’ve heard him do so far.”

“Delicious, succulent and the equivalent of a warm embrace …”

It Takes Love rekindles the soul and ignites a fire in the heart.”



“A track that welcomes you into its warm embrace and offers the opportunity to stop for a while and be gently serenaded” Crossradar

“Laid back with an effortless cool …”

“… like that feeling you get when you get home to a place of warmth …”

“… some real classic throwback tones that will bring up all kinds of musical memories …”

“… leaves us with the sense that maybe everything is all going to be alright.”


Carson C. Lee

“Doc Jazz’s impeccable cadence and flow of immense energy”

“The pitch shifting guitar progressions give this single a funky feel while remaining exceptionally unruffled and uniform …”

“… a dissimilar and interesting sound that widens the chorus/hooks in a three dimensional image.”

“… lyrics hold deep inherent meaning of altruistic value …”

“… Doc Jazz consistently hits every bar stanza with utter precision.”


Sleeping Bag Studios

“It takes real harmony, focus and heart to deliver a track this smooth” SleepingBagStudios

“… the music behind the vocals glides along on a cushion of air.”

” … the production, precision and professionalism you can hear in the music itself is right on the money.”

” … you’ve gotta admire how well he really has done in emulating the truly classic-vibe in that old-school, love-filled R&B/Soul mixture.”

” … the two vocal-sounds are a genuine complement to each other that works fantastically well.”

“… it’s an awesome combination of music-video-meets-lyric-video; you not only get the words but you also get to see the man himself.”


The Band Camp Diaries

“Elegant, direct and unassuming aesthetics, going for a very smooth and touching performance”

“Doc Jazz is a true powerhouse of talent. He is a songwriter, producer, arranger and performer …”

“As soon as I heard the first guitar phrases in the song, I immediately fell in love with the beautiful phaser effects …”

“… drums are also really well produced, with some amazing reverb coda on the snare and a punchy kick. The bass is always on the move …”


Beyond the Record

“It Takes Love is perhaps one of his most refined and well-formed masterpieces”

“… he touches hearts and touches listeners with his powerful message.”

“The quality of this track and video is the definition of what other artists inspire to be; it is what musicians try to strive from their image and sound.”

“… Doc Jazz’s music borrows from several elements from various genres …”

“The journey is short and sweet, like a midnight drive … the lyrics are hopeful, honest, and pure.”






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