Palestinian artist Doc Jazz

Doc Jazz
Palestinian artist Doc Jazz

Palestinian artist Doc Jazz

Welcome to the website of Palestinian artist Doc Jazz! Browse this online central station of musical activism for the Palestinian cause. You may wish to know more about Doc Jazz, in which case you should read the article “Palestine’s musical life line is ‘Doc Jazz’: Medic and musician extraordinaire” on as a great start. Quite possibly, you already know his well-known Youtube channelFacebook page, or Twitter account. After all, Doc Jazz has been online for many years. No wonder he  has thousands of followers from all over the world. His website on has been online since 2001. The current site is the latest version of it, launched on July 17, 2016.

A new site for Palestinian activism

With the new WordPress format, we aim to provide you with an online location that provides easy access from all types of platforms. Naturally, we want to optimize it for seamless social media integration. We continuously hope to improve your experience, and we appreciate your feedback and interaction. Previous versions of the site were  Joomla, but we continue to build our experience with the WordPress platform. Mostly, we hope that you will enjoy it here as you browse through articles, videos, songs and the other expressive art of Doc Jazz.

Personal introduction by Doc Jazz

“Message to the wonderful people who like this page! First of all, I want to thank you for being here. If you are new to the page, you may yet be in the stage of discovering what my contribution is to the struggle for the freedom of our land, Palestine. Please bear with me as I introduce myself to you.” Read the rest of the introduction here on Facebook – and don’t forget to like the page!