New uploads of 10 Doc Jazz songs on Youtube


There is an effort to make songs from the Doc Jazz song directory on Soundclick available to a wider audience on Youtube. Recently, the whole Front Door Key album was uploaded to the Doc Jazz Youtube channel, but more work has been done since. Subscribe in order to be able to keep up!

All songs you’re about to hear, were written, sung, performed and recorded by Doc Jazz in his own studio. Most of these date back to the period between 2009 and 2013 (which is not necessarily when they were written, but when these versions were recorded).

Are your headphones ready? Sitting comfortably? Here you go!

Run for your Life

A powerful track with a hip=hop/funk feel, that weaves many elements from Palestinian folkloric music into its beats, most notably the shibbabeh (Palestinian flute). This song is highlighting the narrative behind the Palestinian’s resistance against the ongoing Judaization and ethnic cleansing of Jerusalem (Al Quds), and Zionism’s threats to demolish the Al Aqsa Compound in order to build a Jewish Temple in its place.

Justice Leads the Way

This track has more of an RnB feel to it. It emphasizes the central role of justice in any serious peace effort.


‘What goes around, will come around, there’s no escaping the Boomerang’. Call it what you want: karma, the law of action and reaction, payback. With a funky bass line played by Keith Keyes (the bassist who also played on the Front Door Key album).

Devil’s in the Detail

It’s mostly rock-oriented, but it’s not rock in the usual sense. Fast-paced, provocative, and with a theme that goes a bit deeper than the words might make you think …


Say It

A piano ballad, with literally only featuring the piano and a lead vocal. One of the more emotional songs by Doc Jazz, a song of hope, longing, love, and struggle.



Listen what happens when a reggae-feel is combined with a rock drive, in a song that will appeal to those who are longing to get away – and it happens to also take a jab at the abuse of a democratic ideal …


Just a Matter of Time

A spirit-lifter! Sometimes it’s a bit hard to keep your spirit up, considering how much life can throw at you, especially if you live under the pressure of occupation. This song has been known to cheer up many young ladies who find themselves haunted by a desperate, negative mood.


Out of This Town

Are you ready to leave? Tired of the place you are living in? Check out this funk-rock tune, and see if you can relate to its words.


Birthday Babe

A truly unusual theme for Doc Jazz: birthdays. But hey, if you’re about to surprise your loved one on her birthday with an upbeat birthday song, you will find that this one will definitely do the job!


Naam Naam Habibi

A lullaby! Don’t listen to this song unless you are in a chilled-out mood, or actually badly in need of chilling out (and preferably, sleeping). A gentle slow song to help children (and you as well) sleep at night. In Arabic.



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