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Doc Jazz

Music of Palestinian artist Doc Jazz: Never Give Up!

Welcome to the Doc Jazz page with the original music of the Palestinian artist, that has been featured in these unique videos. There are plenty of songs to choose from, varying widely in musical style, as is typical of Doc Jazz.

If you wish to check out the full repertoire of Doc Jazz, do check out the Soundclick song directory, where all songs can be streamed and downloaded for FREE.

What they say about Doc Jazz

“If you have listened to one of Doc Jazz’s songs, don’t assume that you already know the drill. The sound and style is not exactly what you will find in the entertainment world’s Top 40, so if that is what you are looking for, you may end up with a prejudiced judgment. This is a more sophisticated type of music that requires you to take time and really listen, but if you do, you are very likely to be captivated. You will encounter hip-hop, rock, funky jazz-pop, piano ballads, Palestinian folkloric music and modern Arabic music, and this description still doesn’t cover everything you can find in his impressive repertoire.” Sahar Mansour,

“Within Doc’s songs I heard flowing melodies, backed up with smooth funky rhythms and jazzy harmonies and all delivered with a passionate rock-drive. I was struck by the artist’s musical (composing-) talents and his excellent mastering of multiple instruments, such as the guitar, the keyboards, the Arabian oud and the Palestinian shibbabeh, a lovely sounding flute.” Hans Sligter – Instantly hooked to the music of Doc Jazz

“This artist and song-writer creates, performs and produces his own material, showcasing an incredibly kaleidoscopic attitude, refusing to remain stuck in a box and striving to keep his music eclectic, yet immediate and easy to relate to … thoughtful words, inspirational lyrics and beautiful sound that anybody could find appealing.” More More Sound – Doc Jazz

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