Doc Jazz’s new brainchild: Love Brain


Love Brain: a new song by Doc Jazz

It’s been quite a while since Doc Jazz has produced another official release, but the exciting news is that there’s a new song out now, and it’s called Love Brain! The track has a contemporary sound, and fresh, playful and unassuming lyrics.

It has only been released on Youtube so far, and is accompanied by a video that contains footage from a long road trip across several countries. The viewer finds himself seated in the passenger seat of a car, speeding across many highways and country roads at top speed. No worries, the car really wasn’t driving that fast, the footage was just sped up heavily for the video! Stunning landscapes from various regions scroll across the windscreen, eventually ending up in Doc Jazz’s home town in Palestine.

More about Love Brain

The song itself has a laid-back tempo, but is highly energized thanks to smooth production techniques. It builds up a tangible tension towards the end of the song. The idea for ‘Love Brain’ came from a contemporary Hollywood movie. In this romantic comedy, the term was used on a guy doing absolutely irrational things when he was in love. See what can happen when a man watches a ‘chick flick’ with his wife? Interesting things, like for instance a new song!

The car footage was collected during the travels of Doc Jazz. It is completely unrelated to the theme and lyrics of the song. It just gives you something to watch while listening to it. At the bottom of the screen it also displays the song lyrics. For now, we’re going to keep you guessing about the locations, as well as about the movie that the word ‘Love Brain’ came from. Hope you enjoy this new production!



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