Front Door Key 10th anniversary: whole album on Youtube

Front Door Key

Cover of the album Front Door Key

Front Door Key: good news for those who like this 2007 album! It is now available in its entirety on Youtube. The album came to life 10 years ago, in the Netherlands. Some people are lucky enough to have bought or otherwise obtained a hard copy of it. However, these copies are now almost all out. There are few left, but they will be kept for special occasions.

The album was released in 2007, in Amsterdam, with a memorable release party at the Bitterzoet cafe. At the day of its release, Doc Jazz got a 5 minute interview on Radio 1 about the album. There was some other publicity too, in some Dutch newspapers and on a regional TV station, which did a special ten minute feature about the new release.

Production of Front Door Key

This was the first (and only) time that Doc Jazz relied for music production on others. Doc Jazz produced all his other songs in his own studio. It’s only Front Door Key that makes the exception, which is why it is a special album in the over a 110 song-repertoire.

The theme of the album is the Palestinian Right of Return. The ‘Front Door Key’ refers to the key to their original homes in Palestine, that most Palestinian refugee families cherish as a family heirloom. It symbolizes the promise of return. Another hint to the theme exists in the album cover, showing the number ’48’ on the door. Palestinians were massively expelled from Palestine in 1948, by invading Jewish Zionists who claimed the land as their own after violently chasing out the indigenous population. Naturally, most songs on the album refer to this theme as well, either directly, or indirectly.

Forrest Thomas

Forrest Thomas

Producer of the album was the accomplished African-American vocalist and musician the late Forrest Thomas, known for his world hit ‘Rock the Boat‘. Through his involvement, other highly  acclaimed, mostly American musicians joined in on the project. This unique mix of people gave the album a distinct sound, which, although true to the Doc Jazz signature, has made Front Door Key stand out from the musician’s other work.

Musicians on Front Door Key

Most tracks feature the groovy Keith Keyes on bass, the virtuoso Eddie Conard on percussion, and the amazing Susanne Alt on saxophone. Whenever you hear a female backing voice, it’s the soulful voice of Michelle David. For the guitars, and for the arrangements, Forrest brought in Ward Veenstra, a gifted Dutch guitarist and music producer. However, Doc Jazz did many of the keyboards and guitars on the tracks, as well as the lead vocals, by himself. Forrest did some backing vocals too: in the songs ‘Home (for Jenin)’ and ‘Castles in the Sky’ you can clearly hear his distinct and beautiful vocal contributions.

The Youtube playlist of the album is all yours to enjoy! Rip the songs as you please, or download them from Doc Jazz’s Soundclick directory. Help yourself: the music of Doc Jazz is for the world, for the message, and for the love. This was never about money, and it never will be.



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