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Understanding Palestine, available on

If you like getting free stuff, you’re at the right place now! Starting on August 6, 2016, the book ‘Understanding Palestine’, written by Tariq Shadid, has been made available for FREE!

Now for FREE: Understanding Palestine

Understanding Palestine’ is the kind of book you wish you had read years ago. It has all the right ingredients that make a great volume. It’s smart and sharp, opens your eyes to a new perspective, and challenges you to think. This is the kind of book that will get a prominent spot on your bookshelf or a permanent one on your bedside table. It is a definite must-read for every Palestine supporter.5- star customer review on Amazon

‘Als een ware anatoom snijdt hij diep in de problematiek en komt met analyses: sommige die voor de hand liggen en die door de pers wel eens zijn aangestipt, maar veelal dieperliggende analyses.’ Dutch-language review on by Songül Arslan

‘Regardless of the fact that the book was published six years ago and it refers to past events, it is nevertheless still very contemporary and deserves a re-visitation in the light of the current political situation. I find Understanding Palestine a precious intellectual tool especially for western readers  who are generally less interested in the on-going political  complexity of the middle east and who, like me, have in the past tried to understand the political reasons but inevitably gave up out of frustration!’  Review of the book by Cristina Paterno

You must be curious by now! How to obtain the book

Visit this post on the website, and you will find out how easy it is to get the e-book version. Of course, if you prefer holding a real book in your hand, you can always go to Amazon and get it!