Articles by Doc Jazz

Articles by Doc Jazz

Understanding Palestine, available on

Some know Doc Jazz mainly through his large number of articles. Many of these came out at various news outlets, but he channeled most of them through his favorite online newspaper. Undoubtedly, this is the Palestine Chronicle, where he has presented his writings since as early as 2002. In 2008, he bundled a number of these articles into his book ‘Understanding Palestine’.

Some comments about Understanding Palestine

The book received praise from a widely varied audience. Typically, these included people who know quite a lot about the Palestinian cause, as well as people who were practically new to it.

‘Understanding Palestine is a pleasant historical view on the complex political and cultural reality of the Middle East. It is a perfect reading for readers who don’t know a lot about the struggle in Palestine and want to have a better understanding of the meaning of democracy. As it is not a treatise it offers to the readers that light and fresh fluency which in my view facilitates the personal analysis of the issues. Most recommended!’ Cristina Paterno

‘Helps you to do exactly what the title says’ Zubaida Hussain, customer review on Amazon

Understanding Palestine

Many around the world have read Understanding Palestine, including the well-known Australian activist Robert Martin (on the left).

List of articles

Hopefully, you will find that you have enough to read by checking out this list of articles written by Tariq Shadid, most of them published after ‘Understanding Palestine‘. If you wish to read more, check the website Archive.

  1. Dutch Zionist lobby exposed – fraudulent financial support for settlers
  2. Jerusalem in danger while the world sleeps
  3. UK Parliament Palestine motion is a vote of anger at Israeli warmongering
  4. Gaza’s Pyrrhic victory is a lesson for the occupier
  5. Racism in the Netherlands: the world is watching
  6. ‘Black Pete’: Netherlands under pressure over allegedly ‘racist’ Zwarte Piet tradition
  7. Twitterstorms are back! Alaa Hammad, political prisoner in Israeli jail
  8. Khawaja take a back seat: Palestine speaks
  9. Open Letter to Roger Waters: Don’t Drop Your Boycott Call
  10. Why Twitter actions for hunger strikers should be supported
  11. Hungry for Justice: why Palestinian hunger strikers matter
  12. Nakba-denial: whitewashing Zionist crimes
  13. Music and Activism – do they still go together?
  14. Why it matters so little what Mahmoud Abbas says
  15. How to deal with Zionism: oppose, expose, dispose
  16. Can Zionism fool all of the people all of the time?
  17. ‘Futile Dialogue’ : a Zionist strategy
  18. Tweeting for Khader: major kudos and a point of criticism
  19. Anti-Zionism in the 21st Century: the struggle continues
  20. NUI$ance or not, money can’t change the truth
  21. Over our dead bodies
  22. Sailors jailed, Freedom Waves Flotilla sails on
  23. Normalization extravaganza: Palestinian artists at the ‘Israeli’ Oud festival
  24. Anti-normalization: a necessary part of BDS-campaigning
  25. Did words ever end an occupation? Still, Unity First
  26. Occupation and the Need for Resistance
  27. Boats, Boycotts and Backdoor Politics
  28. Palestine is Full of Heroes
  29. Apartheid: some musicians oppose it, some condone it
  30. Macy Gray’s Amazing Disgrace
  31. On Improving Pro-Palestinian Activism
  32. ‘Peace of the Slave’: a dead end street on a journey to independence
  33. WikiLeaks ‘struck a deal with Israel’ over diplomatic cables leaks – Indymedia
  34. Julian Assange praises Netanyahu – for praising Wikileaks
  35. Wikileaks leaks toxic acid in every direction, except to Israel – Tariq Shadid
  36. Don’t Wait, Declare the State – Tariq Shadid
  37. By Means of Deception